~ The Life ~


Ben was a man who’s incredible life was taken much too soon. His death was unexpected, heartbreaking, and tragic – for the world was a much better place with him in it. He was an outgoing and positive person who had an enormous heart that touched people across the world.

When the thought of Ben enters our minds, we picture a dependable, accepting, and honest person with an insatiable desire for adventure. Any and all who had the privilege of knowing him would agree that Ben lived his life to the absolute fullest. The way he lived, the way he loved, and the way he treated others has kept his spirit alive in all of us.

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~ The Love ~


To many people, Ben was an experienced and knowledgeable adventure guide for Beach Travellers, a Vancouver-based travel company. But Ben was much, much more than that. Ben was also a brother, a son, a nephew, a grandson, a cousin, and – to everyone, a friend.

Ben came from humble beginnings – a fact that only served to enhance the powerful effect he had on the lives of the people he touched. He was raised with his younger siblings, Tyler and Meghan in White Rock, British Columbia by his parents Tara and Al. After graduating high school, Ben set out on a year-long backpacking trip that would instil in him his profound love of exploring new places.


It was this early exploration of new countries and new cultures that would drive him towards his work with Beach Travellers. What initially began as a summer job guiding groups of young adventure seekers through Thailand, quickly blossomed into something that became a very significant part of his life. From 2006 to 2012, your best chance of finding Ben Trompetter would be by trolling some of the most exotic beaches in South East Asia; and, in all likelihood, he would be with a throng of young people experiencing a new and exciting side of life.

Through his position as head guide, Ben influenced hundreds of young people and encouraged them to live their lives with positivity, passion, and perhaps most importantly, compassion. Additionally, he exposed those who came to Thailand – including his mother and siblings – to the culture and people he fell in love with.


Ben received rave reviews from his group members. He was a natural leader, and his passion for exploration and pushing his personal limits was as contagious as his persistent smile. By early 2009, he began working with TY Hermiston on the Beach Travellers Education Made Possible (BTEMP) Project.

BTEMP is an ongoing effort to share with young travellers the ways in which they can make a positive difference in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of homeless Thai orphans that are struggling to survive each and every day.

The orphanages had a lasting effect on Ben. It became tradition for the groups he led to visit various Thai orphanages to provide school supplies and rain gear, and to interact and play with the children that called these orphanages home. It was essential to Ben that these children knew they mattered. The orphanages became a passion project for Ben and Beach Travellers as a whole.

Before his dream could come to fruition, Ben’s life was tragically cut short. Just before his 28th birthday, Ben passed away in a cliff diving accident outside of Whistler, B.C.

Ben’s death was sudden and heartbreaking, but it has not been in vain. From his death, new life has sprung: LiveLikeBen.net

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~ The Legacy ~


Spearheaded by his mother, LiveLikeBen.net was created to honour the incredible life and legacy of Ben Trompetter. Without his endless passion for helping those in need, and his determination to give back to a country that had given him so much, this foundation would not exist.

We honour the legacy of our son, brother, and friend Ben by donating anything we can, just as he did in his short time with us. Through the charity and contributions of others, we can all work towards his achievable dream. This foundation has the potential to help hundreds – even thousands – of Thai orphans to lead a better life.


Our short-term goal is to contribute to existing orphanages to further improve their facilities. As we gain momentum and people become inspired to get involved, we will turn this project into something even Ben could never have imagined: a self-sustainable foundation in his name that will help give these children support, education, and opportunities to lead the lives that they deserve.

A contribution of any size will help us begin our mission towards realizing the legacy of Ben Trompetter. Please, if you haven’t already, click below and contribute to our program. Every little bit helps.

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