Hydro – Electric Turbine

July 29, 2019

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that work has begun on our project to bring electricity to a ‘sister’ village near Pha Dang Luang.

Alex, with a crew of local villagers, has begun the process of installing the ‘gabions’; wire baskets filled with rock to divert the flow of water towards the intake pipe. This process was carried out without using any heavy equipment, but rather the manpower of many men, and one woman, from the surrounding villages, who voluntarily came up to help. Because of all the help received, they were able to complete this phase in six days. As is our usual practice, the Foundation provides the funds to enable Alex to bring up food supplies to supply good, nourishing meals for the volunteers from the villages.

Please take the time to look at the photos and videos, and stay tuned for more updates on this important project. Although the work is being done on a volunteer basis, all the materials are costly, and we continue to rely on your donations.

Tara Trompetter is with Alex Sinsawas and Niki Sinsawas.

Help Us Light Up Their Lives!

Hello and love to all from the Land of Smiles! We have just spent an incredible few days up in the northern Thai mountains in the villages of Pong Naam Ron and Pha Dang Luang (the site of Ben’s school). Our attention has been drawn to this little village of 30 houses deep in the jungle where 130 people are living in the dark without any electricity. For 240 years these people have lived in this remote village and for 50 years they have been waiting for electricity, as promised to them by the government. Though previous promises made to them have been broken and seemingly long forgotten, we are in the business of keeping our promises and making magic happen… and we have made the promise of light! So please, help us light up their lives!

We are looking for further donations which will enable us to buy all the materials and supplies required to build a sustainable hydroelectric turbine system using the river that runs through this village. All of the men and women of Pong Naam Ron are beyond excited to come and help us build this system in order to provide each of the 30 houses with two lightbulbs and one plug in. As in previous projects, The LiveLikeBen Foundation prides itself in working alongside the people of these villages with the goal of drastically improving their quality of life. This will be a life changing event for this village, one that they’ve anxiously awaited for decades.

Any donation is profoundly helpful and more appreciated than you could know. Your love will light the night far across the world on the top of an incredible mountain, where the people smile brighter and more beautifully than you’ve ever seen.

Donations can be made at www.livelikeben.net

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and sending you each a mountain of love!

No amount is too little and every donation helps! Thank you so very much for your continued support and love, always. Your donations will have an immediate and ever lasting impact on the lives of these beautiful people!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Tara Trompetter is with Alex Sinsawas and Niki Sinsawas.

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Ashley Drody

Ashley is an international travel and lifestyle photographer who spends her summers documenting love and lifestyle in her home of British Columbia, and winters abroad photographing tourism and wellness retreats.

Ashley grew up with Bens younger sister, Meghan, and was always inspired by both of their adventures through Thailand. In 2016 she had the opportunity to visit Bens School alongside Meghan for the first time, and got to experience and photograph some very special moments in Pa Dang Luang Village for the Live Like Ben foundation.

Ashley hopes to visit Bens School again to document all of the beauty of the area and be involved in the positive progress the foundation is making in these small villages in Northern Thailand.

Bens adventurous spirit will continue to be a beautiful reminder to Ashley to live life to the fullest every day.