School Gets Refresh – Paint Inside & Out

School Gets Refresh – Paint Inside & Out

Ben’s school sits at the top of the beautiful village of Pha Dang Luang. Set high above the other buildings, its shining blue roof and bright white walls are the first thing you see as you round the dirt road into the village at the top of this expansive, gorgeous, green mountain range. As you drive closer, the LIVE LIKE BEN sign hung proudly on the school welcomes you alongside the people smiling in genuine joy that you’ve come back again.

The days we spend in Pha Dang Luang are both abundantly busy and abundantly beautiful. On this particular trip, Mama Tara, Alex, and myself were joined by lovely volunteers Shannon and Tammy who helped us in giving Ben’s school an intensive clean, a new coat of paint, and a new extra fun splash of colour!

As always, we leave with love, big smiles, full hearts, inspiration, ideas, more love, and this time we also depart sporting little specks of paint all over!

We have so much to tell you! Please stay tuned for more updates and videos of this amazing trip.

Niki Sinsawas is with Alex Sinsawas and Tara Trompetter.

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Ashley Drody

Ashley is an international travel and lifestyle photographer who spends her summers documenting love and lifestyle in her home of British Columbia, and winters abroad photographing tourism and wellness retreats.

Ashley grew up with Bens younger sister, Meghan, and was always inspired by both of their adventures through Thailand. In 2016 she had the opportunity to visit Bens School alongside Meghan for the first time, and got to experience and photograph some very special moments in Pa Dang Luang Village for the Live Like Ben foundation.

Ashley hopes to visit Bens School again to document all of the beauty of the area and be involved in the positive progress the foundation is making in these small villages in Northern Thailand.

Bens adventurous spirit will continue to be a beautiful reminder to Ashley to live life to the fullest every day.