November 15, 2018

Christmas is coming early in Northern Thailand! As Winter sets in at the tip tops of the mountains the people of the villages are very, very cold! We received a phone call from the Chief of Pha Dang Luang discussing the weather, and thanks to the beautiful LiveLikeBen donors we were able to respond in a flash! Today we head back into the mountains with 120 big warm cozy blankets – one for each household in the two villages we’ve visited so far. Not only that, but we have bags of clothes, scarves, and hats donated to us from our friends at Stamps Backpackers Hostel Chiang Mai and a bucket of treats for the kiddos donated from our friends at Lantern House Chiangmai as well!

Nothing brings us more joy than to go up to see the people of Pha Dang Luang, and we have every intention of bringing them as much joy as we possibly can as well!

Please stay tuned for more updates over the next few days and if you want to spread some unbelievably special Christmas love across the world please visit to donate!

The LLB elves are en route, jingling all the way! ❤️
With love

Niki Sinsawas is with Alex Sinsawas.

November 19, 2018

This weekend we took to the mountains and brought an early Christmas with us in the form of warmth and love. From our own experience in building Ben’s school during the Winter months, we know how cold it can get up in the villages of Pha Dang Luang and Pong Naam Ron. When we learned that there aren’t enough blankets to keep all of the people up there warm each night, the LiveLikeBen Foundation felt the need to act fast to fix this problem and provide a cozy, cuddly, warm solution. Blankets for everyone!

We are beyond blessed to have spent an amazing couple of days in the mountains delivering 120 big blankets to the beautiful people that live in these villages. As always we were met with infinite gratitude and more smiles than we could count. We were also able to bring loads of scarves and hats to further spread the warmth! The entire village came out to see us and it was an experience we will hold in our hearts forever. A sincere thank you to the people of both Pha Dang Luang and Pong Naam Ron for the joy you always bring us. We adore you.

These projects would not be possible without the ongoing support of our incredible donors! The Foundation is so very thankful to you. Your donations have an immediate and unbelievable effect on the people of these villages and it is a truly beautiful gift. Thank you thank you thank you.


While we have installed a water filtration system in one of these villages, the other is in dire need and we have our hearts and our minds set on providing clean water to Pong Naam Ron as soon as possible. Any donation – big or small, can make an enormous and immediate difference to so many lives here in Thailand. Please spread some Christmas cheer and visit to donate!

Fresh, clean water for Christmas. That would be truly magical.

Thank you again to everyone for your support and love. We are sending you our love right back with a sprinkling of Christmas magic and cheer! May your days be merry and bright and warm!

<3 <3

With love

Niki Sinsawas is with Alex Sinsawas.

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Ashley Drody

Ashley is an international travel and lifestyle photographer who spends her summers documenting love and lifestyle in her home of British Columbia, and winters abroad photographing tourism and wellness retreats.

Ashley grew up with Bens younger sister, Meghan, and was always inspired by both of their adventures through Thailand. In 2016 she had the opportunity to visit Bens School alongside Meghan for the first time, and got to experience and photograph some very special moments in Pa Dang Luang Village for the Live Like Ben foundation.

Ashley hopes to visit Bens School again to document all of the beauty of the area and be involved in the positive progress the foundation is making in these small villages in Northern Thailand.

Bens adventurous spirit will continue to be a beautiful reminder to Ashley to live life to the fullest every day.