Extending Roof Over Porch of Ben’s School

Extending Roof Over Porch of Ben’s School

Hello Everyone,

We have lots to report on what the Foundation has been up to.

Alex Sinsawas, our Thai Ambassador, was recently up at the village of Pha Dang Luang. It had been brought to our attention by the villagers, while we’re up at the school in January, that during heavy monsoon rains and extreme hot spells, the overhang on the roof was not sufficient.

The Foundation purchased the necessary material to extend the roof over the front porch. This will allow the children to go from class to class, without getting drenched by rain and will also shade the classrooms.

Alex, along with several men from the village, worked through monsoon rains to complete the project. This seemingly small change will have a big impact on the day to day lives of the students.

We are so grateful to have Alex work with the local villagers to make the Foundations vision become a reality.

We want to thank our donors for your continued support, and remind you that every dollar you contribute goes directly towards helping the LiveLikeBen Foundation benefit the lives of the people of Pha Dang Luang.

Tara Trompetter is with Alex Sinsawas and Niki Sinsawas.

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Ashley Drody

Ashley is an international travel and lifestyle photographer who spends her summers documenting love and lifestyle in her home of British Columbia, and winters abroad photographing tourism and wellness retreats.

Ashley grew up with Bens younger sister, Meghan, and was always inspired by both of their adventures through Thailand. In 2016 she had the opportunity to visit Bens School alongside Meghan for the first time, and got to experience and photograph some very special moments in Pa Dang Luang Village for the Live Like Ben foundation.

Ashley hopes to visit Bens School again to document all of the beauty of the area and be involved in the positive progress the foundation is making in these small villages in Northern Thailand.

Bens adventurous spirit will continue to be a beautiful reminder to Ashley to live life to the fullest every day.